1) Now You're All Alone
2) Made it Out Alive
3) I Fucking Hate You Because I Still Love You
4) The Outcome of Telling Father I'm Gay
5) Slip Away
6) Our Every Little Kiss
7) Feel it Too (Part 2)
8) Fatal Attraction (Give 'em Hope 4)

All tracks written by Bradley Voorhees All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered, by Bradley Voorhees at Ed Harbst Studios unless noted otherwise below.

"Feel it Too (Part 2)" Music written by Bradley Voorhees. “Powerful” ending inspired by JPK. Lyrics written by Bradley Voorhees & Joshua P. Kennedy.

Entire Song Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Ed Harbst Studios. Except JPK Vocals, Recorded by JPK at Sharken Studios, and Mixed and Mastered by BV at Ed Harbst Studios.

©2005-2018 Bradley Voorhees
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