01) TrainWreck
02) The 'Stalk Anderson Cooper' Song (Video Version 2)
03) Old Friend
04) Tomorrow
05) I Can't Say For Sure
06) The 'Stalk Anderson Cooper' Song (Video Version 1)
07) What the Hell Took You
08) He Doesn't Remember Me
09) He Doesn't Remember Me (Karaoke)
10) Brad Singing Along to 'He Doesn't Remember Me (Karaoke)'

All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bradley Voorhees @ Ed Harbst Studio. Except:

Track 1, lyrics by Bradley Voorhees and Joshua P. Kennedy. Music & melody by Bradley Voorhees. JPK vocals recorded at Sharken Studios by Joshua P. Kennedy,

Track 5, Verse 2 Lyrics Written and Recorded by Kraigy B, and mixed and mastered @ Ed Harbst Studio by B. Voorhees.

©2005-2018 Bradley Voorhees
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