1) Hells Happening
2) Father & Son

All songs written by and performed by B. Voorhees, except: Music of track 1 performed by B. Voorhees and Nick Lopez. Tracks 2, 8, and 9 contain vocal stems from Jeannie's "Just Doin' Mah Time" and SAFYRE's "Brutally Honest" albums, both released in 2006 for a project completely owned and ran by B. Voorhees @ Ed Harbst Studios (credited under former name: A Stem From Basement Productions.) Lyrics sang by Jeannie, written by Jeannie. Lyrics sang by SAFYRE, written by SAFYRE.

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ed Harbst Studio by B. Voorhees, except music portion of track 1, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Lopez, and only originally recorded at Ed Harbst Studio by B. Voorhees.

©2005-2018 Bradley Voorhees
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