01) Even Ask a Californian
02) Straight Mans Land
03) Our Marriage License
04) 2 Hot Boys Means Love
05) Johnny Boy (Video Version 1)
06) Johnny Boy (Video Version 2)
07) Wanna See My Mother Cry
08) My Boyfriend
09) Broke Heart
10) I Have a Knife (Live Performance)
11) I Have a Knife (Video Version 1)
12) I Have a Knife (Video Version 2)
13) I Revoke Insanity
14) They Used Them to Get Michael's Fortune
15) Feel it Too (Snippet)

All tracks written and performed by Bradley Voorhees, and recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bradley Voorhees @ Ed Harbst Studios (Formerly "A Stem From Basement Productions.") Except:

Track 06: Lyrics co-written with Cherice Earl.

Track 14: Lyrics adapted by B.V. from a poem written by Gothic Hippy "A Reason to Live."

Track 19: Lyrics co-written with Nick Lopez. Nick Lopez vocals recorded, and engineered by Nick Lopez.

©2005-2018 Bradley Voorhees
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16) Feel it Too (Performed Live)
17) Feel it Too (Video Version 2)
18) Feel it Too (Video Version 1)
19) I Really Am Alone
20) I'm Glad (1/2 Song Version)
21) Suddenly Gone (Video Version 2)
22) Suddenly Gone (Video Version 1)
23) I'm Glad (Nick Lopez Version)
          (Featuring Nick Lopez)
    24) Feel it Too (Video Version 3)

        *I'm Glad (Nick Lopez Version)
        (Featuring Nick Lopez)
                            (Video Version 2)
           can be seen
here on Vimeo.